How does China Bag companies guarantee the quality of handbags and backpacks?

China Bag companies quality guarantee

China Bag companies quality guarantee ? Sino-US trade disputes have had a serious impact on China’s manufacturing industry. Customs barriers have caused more and more Chinese Bag companies to relocate factories to Cambodia and Vietnam. But in fact, there are still many brands that are more inclined to produce these bags in mainland China, mainly because of the mature product quality guarantee control system throughout the supply chain. This is an advantage that many South Asian handbag and backpack company production chains do not have.

As far as the sampling of handbags is concerned, there are currently two quality inspection standards implemented by Chinese handbag factory manufacturer – AQL4.0 and AQL6.5. Before the implementation of these two standards, there needs to be agreement between the bag company and the brand customer.

What is the common AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) for Bags?

As commonly known in the international trade, “AQL” stands for Acceptable Quality Limit. The “AQL tables” represent the industry standard and therefore are important statistical tools used by buyers for product inspections.
The “AQL tables” help to gauge two key areas:

1.How many samples out of a batch of products should be picked and inspected?

2.What is the limit for a batch of products containing certain defects to still be regarded as acceptable?

In practice, defects are categorised into three groups, namely, “Critical”, “Major ” and “Minor” and they in turn mean:

  • Critical: Defects which could result in hazardous or unsafe conditions for individuals using or maintaining the product as well as defects contravening legal regulations.
  • Major: Functional defects reducing the usability or solidity of the product as well as obvious visual defects reducing the sales value of the product.
  • Minor: Defects that are unlikely to reduce the use of the product, but nevertheless may influence the sale.

The limit differs for different markets of products or according to the functionalities of the products. For instance, parts and fittings used in constructing aircrafts are subject to a much more stringent (lower) AQL.  

So, the question for the bag manufacturing industry is – what is the common AQL for bags? Put simply, the common inspection level is “level II” and the most commonly used proportion for bags is as follows:

  • Critical defect: 0.01
  • Major defect : 2.5
  • Minor defect : 4.0

The relevant AQL table looks like this:

This means, for example, when the production lot size is in between 1201-3200 pieces, the quantity to be picked and inspected should be 125 pieces. No more than 7 major defects and 10 minor defects should be found during the inspection, otherwise the result of this inspection will be considered as fail/rejected.

QA technical engineers work closely with your team to design a specific bag or accessory inspection checklist. QA inspectors verify the quality of mass production based on your Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL), perform product function and safety tests, and assess compliance with your product’s specifications and authorized samples. Your products’ workmanship is carefully examined, and defects are classified into subcategories to highlight the key improvement areas for production.

US QA goes above and beyond the average quality inspection service by combining our advanced quality management technology and substantial experience in inspection of bags. We personalize your compliance program, monitor results, and apply corrective actions necessary to support your objectives and achieve lead-times.

Main tests performed during an inspection of bags and accessories

  • Fitting test
  • Functions check
  • Pull test on seam
  • Adhesive test
  • on logo and label
  • Color fastness test
  • Smell test
  • Metal detection test
  • Stitches per inch check
  • Inside stuffing check
  • GSM check
  • Loading test
  • Abuse/fatigue test
  • Export carton drop test

Bag companies quality guarantee Bag laboratory test method

Some tests on bags and accessories require a controlled environment to analyze their compliance with the standards and regulations of your destination country. QA inspectors can forward samples to an accredited laboratory for testing.

  • Color fastness test (GB 18401)
  • Flammability
  • Phthalates
  • Heavy metals
  • AZO EN14362-1&2
  • Pilling, Original Sample,
  • ​Sample after X wash cycle(s)
  • Traction tests on accessories ISO 13934, ASTM D5034
  • Proposition 65
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